People Who Helped the Indian Music Industry to Grow By Double-Digits

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February 14, 2018
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Indian Music Industry

For most of us, music is an indispensable part of our life, to an extent that our day remains incomplete without hearing the tunes we love. But we seldom think about how the lyrics and tune amalgamate to make a melodious, meaningful track. We use ‘music industry’ as a common term for all forces responsible for creation, performance, recording, promotion, and supervising the lucrative business of music.

Categories of people in the Industry

The following categories divide the varied professional careers under the division of music industry. However, demarcation is not always evident, as some roles can come under multiple categories depending on the specific role they perform at a particular time.

Creative artists (Songwriters and Composers)

What heart is for a human body, creative professionals are for the music Industry. Songwriters visualize a piece of music; add emotions to it, make lyrics and make it meaningful. Usually, the lyricist and the composer of the musical accompaniment are one in the same, though not compulsory.

Performance Professionals

Performance professionals are the ones who are in the heat of making a recording or live performance possible. This includes the performers, along with their supporting musicians and vocalists. This category also comprises of organizers, who manage the non-performing details.

Starring Performers

When most of us think of the music industry, we only think of the starting performers who sing or play instruments to create the musical magic that lifts our mood. For solo artists, they are the main attraction of the event. For bands and other groups, the starring performers are pivotal, permanent members of the band.

Support Performers

In the music industry, supporting performers include vocalists and musicians, who provide supplementary musical support to the starring performers. During a live event, these support casts provide musical backing to the solo artists, by singing backup vocals. However, they are not considered as the main attraction of the event. Time and again, especially in case of the touring performances, these musicians may perhaps perform only a number of shows, while other musical groups take their place whenever required.

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