Open Platforms and Networking – the essential ingredients to succeed in the music industry

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Open Platforms for Networking for succeed in Music Industry

The world’s a stage, and every musician has a chance to make it to the top. However, there are multiple things that need to be done, in order to get noticed.

There are various open platforms that allow singers to showcase their talents. For musicians seeking exposure, technology has brought forward platforms like YouTube, where uploading a video is simple. With millions using it every day, it only takes one song to go viral.

However, to be successful on multiple open platforms, there is an essential task you need to add to your checklist. The key to becoming successful is networking.

It doesn’t matter if you are a solo artist, in a band, or the owner of an independent brand; long-term success only comes to those who market. The right plan and attitude, combined with effective networking tactics can bring in the success you have been looking for.

Start with building up influential contacts. A rewarding and exciting experience at the same time, it helps you reach the right people. However, it does not stop here. Follow these steps to give your networking process a push, and your music career a head-start.

Start with social media

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others can be an easy starting point. Make sure to follow your idols and other influential people in the industry. Be engaged with them in one or the other way. Commenting on their posts, liking them or starting a discussion by replying to their comments can help you get noticed.

Make sure you are not spamming them with your music links. Rather, you want them to see you as someone with meaningful insights on their work.

Go to music industry events

Events are a great way to start building your network. Start with small band meet-ups and build your way to big conferences with thousands of attendees. Starting small will also help you build the confidence needed to speak to new people every now and then.

Don’t forget that business card

For someone to remember you, the first impact you create can work wonders. Ensure that you make a meaningful conversation and then hand out your card. Don’t just push too hard and sell yourself as soon as you meet someone. Also, get good quality cards printed that showcase your worth. Every small detail makes a huge impact.

Plan ahead

Consider networking as your final exam and always go prepared. Be it an event that you are attending, or meeting someone in person, you should always know what to talk about. The agenda should always be clear in your head. Give the other person a fair chance to explain their motive and keep the conversation two-way. Also, don’t push a hard sell in any case. It only ruins your reputation.

Honesty is the best policy

A meaningful lesson taught to us at a very young age, honesty is the biggest virtue that will take you a long way. Don’t promise things that you cannot deliver. There is a difference between saying and practically doing things. Overselling will only bring your image as someone who makes fake promises and the impact of ruined reputation is something you sure want to avoid.

Utilizing open platforms with efficient networking is a simple way that can help you get noticed. It is only a matter of time once you reach the pinnacle of success.

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