Brotherhood Entertainment set to launch next track ‘Bey Pinjara’

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May 8, 2018
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BH-Entertainment is set to Launch New Track "Bey Pinjara"

Brother’s Production House

Brotherhood Entertainment, a company established with the vision to provide young talent a platform, has been providing music lovers with some mesmerizing renditions. After the huge success of their recent track ‘Mehbooba’, the company is set to launch their new number, ‘Bey Pinjara’.

The new track is all about

The song is a journey about getting out of one’s own cage. Facing obstacles in life, all of us struggle to move forward. The song is a tale that will inspire listeners to fight their battles without losing faith. It highlights the need of freedom in life and explains how to enjoy and feel liberated.

An Arabic Dance Number

The last track, ‘Mehbooba’ was shot in Kyrgyzstan. ‘Bey Pinjara’ was also shot in the same country.

The song has been produced by Brotherhood Entertainment’s co-owner Ankur Tiwari, and Pawan Chawla. Penned by Anurag Bhomia, the song is set to be released in May.

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